Welcome to Alberti Lupton & Co., Ltd

An independent family firm of

Memorial Masons


Church Marble Specialists


We have over 100 years experience of producing

Memorials, Headstones and Gravestones

of the finest quality and craftmanship

in marble, stone and granite.

Memorial Masonry

New Memorials, Gravestones, Headstones, Statues, Vases, Additional Inscriptions, Cleaning, Renovation and Re-fixing of older memorials etc.

Ecclesiastical Work

Marble Altars & Altar Furniture, Sanctuary Re-ordering, Stonework, Woodwork, Metalwork, Statuary, Mosaics, Renovation Work,

Cleaning & Repairs etc.

A visit to any cemetery or church in the North West of England

will illustrate the quality of our work.   


Established by William Lupton in 1911 for four generations the

business has been handed from father to son.


Since Michael Lupton's retirement the business has been in the careful

hands of his eldest son Gerard Lupton who has been a serving

Memorial Mason at Alberti Lupton for over 30 years.

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