Book headstones offer something different from the conventional ogee type memorial. They provide an alternative for both those who are non religious and those with a devout faith, providing an opportunity to pay tribute to your loved one in a number of ways.

book headstonesIn Christianity, the Book of Life is God’s record of every person destined to enter Heaven in the Next Age. In this sense, book headstones are an indication of that person’s faith and may contain a biblical inscription. From a secular perspective, any inscription is more likely to indicate the person’s profession or interests. Both cases will list dates of birth and death, and names of family members are applicable to either.

Book headstones may come in the form of a closed or open book. A closed book tends to indicate religious meaning, in respect of one life closing and another one to come. If the cover is torn, then it is an indication that the deceased has died at a young age. Book headstones are not restricted to just Christianity, with those on Muslim graves depicting the Koran.

Open books usually have tassels in between the two pages. More often than not, this is emphasised by the fact it is a different material to the main headstone. Sometimes though instead of a tassel, there may be flowers or birds. If the book is open, then this does mean there is less space for inscriptions on the memorial. This can be offset by having the book atop a riser base on which additional lettering can be inscribed. However, this must remain within cemetery height regulations. Any flower vases on book headstones tend to be at the end of the base so they do not get in the way of the inscriptions and epitaphs.

Book headstones do not necessarily have to be upright. They may lay flat or at an angle and can even include a kerbset. Kerbsets can be covered with a slab or filled with chippings. In both cases, this allows for additional ornamentation and also completely covers the grave space. It needs to be remembered though that nowadays more cemeteries refuse to allow kerbsets than do.

book headstonesAdditional carvings or etchings of flowers, doves or angels are commonly added to book headstones. Amongst the designs that we sell are a carved angel praying over an open book and carved calla lilies instead of the tassel. These compliment the memorial rather than reduce the significance of the book itself.

The most popular material for book headstones are made from black granite. This is easy to cut, is resistant to adverse weather conditions and straightforward to clean compared to other materials. Other materials in demand are grey granite and white marble.

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