Dealing with enquiries and orders for childrens memorials is one of the hardest tasks that monumental masons have to undertake. We can assure you though that at Alberti Lupton & Co we will be conscientious and at no stage in the process will we put you under any pressure.

Childrens memorialsIn the last few decades local councils have been much more flexible with their rules. This means that you can choose a memorial that celebrates, rather than mourns, the short life of your son or daughter. Memorials shaped as cuddly toys, soccer shirts, comic strip or animated film characters and toys are now commonplace in cemeteries. Technological advances have allowed materials to be cut into much more varied shapes than ever before.

Alternatively, a traditional shaped headstone with a photo plaque of your child or a laser etched image of their favourite things is an option. Just about any colour can be etched onto black granite, you just need to take into account the need to ensure enough space remains for your inscription.

Many childrens memorials reflect the secular age that we are now in. However religious symbols such as weeping angels and cherubs are a potential addition. Cherubs, little child faces with wings, reflect the journey to heaven while the weeping angel indicates a life lost too soon. These may be added as part of the headstone, affixing on to it, or as a separate free standing structure at its base or as part of kerbset ornamentation.

If adding a kerb set to a children’s memorial, they can be brightened with colourful chippings and there is plenty of room for further ornamentation such as windmills or carved structures.

At Alberti, Lupton & Co we will not hurry you at all as you make your choice. Instead we will work with you at your pace to design a fitting memorial for your child. We will show you a final copy of designs for you to approve before starting any work, which will be done with the finest quality materials and done to NAMM standards.

Please contact us if you require any further information, our skilled and experienced team will be happy to discuss your requirements. We can provide a quote with no obligation and can make an agreement regarding flexible payments.