St Mary's, Bacup : May 2012

The Re-ordered Sanctuary
In May 2012 we started work constructing a new Altar and Ambo for St Mary's Catholic Church Bacup.  The majority of the marble for both items will consist of the existing Altar rails which we have now removed from the sanctuary.  New Rosso Francia marble has be chosen for the new Mensa and parts of the Ambo. The Baptismal font is being re-sited and restored (several layers of paint to be stripped) taking it back to it's original stone.

Block of Rosso Francia marble in the May 'Italian' Sunshine - prior to cutting

Altar Rails prior to dismantling

Baptismal Font prior to restoration and re-siting

Images of "Paint Stripping" test Areas being carried out on the Baptismal Font

Test area in progress on a gilded area of the font

On completion of 'test' the original stone is revealed !

Altar prior to removal

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