Our Services Include:


Modifications / repairs / re-positioning of benches and pews

- including the shortening of benches and kneelers


Repairs / modifications / re-positioning of larger items such as rood screens, reredos, panelling, altars, pulpits etc.


Extensions and modifications to sanctuary steps and floor levels.


Altar Rails - Removal & repairs to floor below following removal, remodelling, repairs, refixing unsafe rails


Stations of the Cross - Repositioning, repairs etc


Please enquire if your requirements are not listed.

April 2014 - North West RC Church

Removal of front rows of pews and Re-modelling of pews to create wider aisle for use during funerals.


Raised floor removed and kneelers also re-modelled.

Removal of benches and raised wooden floor to create baptistry, the Baptismal font will soon be dismantled, moved from the sanctuary and re-assembled in the new area.

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