There are plenty of options available for cross themed memorials. The cross may be standalone or instead incorporated into the wider design, which may be an important factor to consider when it comes to inscriptions. In cases where a memorial incorporates a Celtic cross, this is likely to indicate the deceased’s heritage rather than religious faith.

Cross themed memorials that are entirely in the shape of a cross, are inevitably a reflection of strong Christian beliefs. they can be made of granite, marble or simply wooden. A drawback of a memorial solely shaped as a cross however is that there is limited space for inscriptions, which will inevitably pose problems if there is more than one person in the grave.  If the cross is wooden, then a brass plaque is more suitable than a carved inscription. Many cemeteries however do not allow wooden memorials.

The problem regarding inscriptions can be overcome somewhat if the cross stands on a square or rectangular base, such as the design pictured on the left. This also allows for the option of Jesus on the cross, or an addition more subtle such as an angel praying or doves. Whichever option you may go for, cemetery regulations always have to be taken into account, with many now having height and width restrictions of no more than three feet for memorials. This is for both cemetery and also uniformity and to assist with grounds maintenance. The days of huge monuments several feet taller than the average person, which did allow for crosses and plenty of inscriptions, are long gone.

Celtic crosses are an indication of the deceased’s Irish, Scottish or Welsh ancestry. The Celtic knot is an integral part of the cross, and reflects the beginning and end of life cycles. The four sections of the cross are connected by a circle, indicating eternal life. Celtic crosses in particular, due to their detail, work really well when incorporated into a traditional ogee design, either as a carving or etching providing contrasting colours and styles.

Technological advances have allowed for further greater flexibility in the style and shape of cross themed memorials. A variation on the traditional shapes for example is shown to the right. This is a two piece double headstone that has the centre cut out to form the shape of a cross. The cross remains a focal point of the memorial but there remains plenty of room for inscriptions and most importantly, falls within the size restrictions of most cemeteries.

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