Guide to choosing Inscription

Finding the right words can be the most difficult part of choosing a memorial.

It is your personal tribute which tells future generations about the person you are lovingly commemorating.


This page is intended only as a starting point, please remember we are always on hand with expert advice to help you.

It is worth taking time over your choices - If possible, visit the cemetery or churchyard and look at some existing inscriptions: it might help to clarify your likes and dislikes.

Although it is helpful to have a good initial idea of the wording you would like, we will invite you to check the inscription laid out on paper before cutting, so you can change your mind about the wording or the layout if you wish.


A headstone inscription usually consists of a number of elements.

The headline

The name

The relationship


Epitaph or verse


There is no firm rule to which order you want these to appear in. We understand that choosing the right Headstone inscription for your loved one is a difficult task. We have included some example inscriptions to help you choose.


 Please 'click' on the underlined text

below to see more examples. 

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