Lawn memorials are by far the most common type of headstone that we provide at Alberti Lupton & Co. The reason for this is quite simple, being that the majority of local authorities impose restrictions on memorial size so it is easier to maintain cemeteries.

Lawn memorials

Graves tend to cover an area of around 7 by 3 feet. With lawn memorials only the top end of the grave is taken up, leaving the rest of it grassed. By restricting memorials to lawn type, it means far less hurdles for cemetery gardeners when it comes to grass cutting.

Lawn memorials also aid health and safety in cemeteries due to their height and standing back to back with adjoining plots. This, coupled with their anchoring to foundations, means there is little risk of them toppling over causing serious injury or even death. Some authorities are now selling plots with the foundations already in place but in most cases it is the mason’s responsibility to place it there.

Although lawn memorials may sound restrictive, they needn’t be. Despite the size restriction, there are almost limitless possibilities, especially in a secular age. For those on a low budget, ogee shaped headstones are ideal, but those who are comfortable spending more on their loved one’s memorial may consider book or heart shaped designs. If faith remains important, then headstones containing an angel or cross are an option.

Lawn memorials can be made from numerous materials including granite, slate, marble, Portland stone and sandstone. Ornamentation such as cherubs or angels can still be added to lawn memorials. Depending on the material, lettering and inscriptions can be hand carved, sandblasted or gilded. Laser etched imagery can be added if you wish, with granite being a perfect material for this. Examples of imagery may be a football club crest, sports car, or if it is a child’s memorial, maybe a cartoon character. We can guide you on what works best with any given material so your memorial can be bespoke to your requirements.lawn memorials

Effectively, providing you remain within the size limits, there are no limitations on your memorial in most local authority cemeteries, although rules do differ slightly between councils. The same cannot be said of churchyards however, where there are often more rules regarding imagery and non religious shapes. We will be happy to discuss with you however the rules and regulations in place wherever your memorial is to be placed and rest assured we will only proceed with designs if they are allowed.

At Alberti, Lupton & Co, a family run monumental mason business in operation for 110 years, we have Greater Manchester’s widest selection of memorials, including many lawn types, at our premises. We fit all our memorials to BRAMM (British Association of Accredited Memorial Masons) safety standards. Please contact us to arrange an appointment regarding your requirements. We have extensive knowledge of the different regulations in each of Greater Manchester’s local authorities. We will be happy to guide you over your options and provide a free no obligation quote.