Bury Council Cemeteries

There are three cemeteries administered by Bury Council. All cater for different religious groups, as well as having sections for cremated remains. Radcliffe Cemetery has a separate area for green burials and also contains the borough's only crematorium. This is East Lancashire Crematorium and is privately maintained by Dignity Plc.


Bury Cemetery Ramsbottom Cemetery Radcliffe Cemetery

St Peter's Road



Cemetery Road



Cemetery Road


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Registration Scheme

Bury Council operates a registration scheme for monumental masons. Only masons registered with the scheme can work in the borough's cemeteries, for the protection of the public and to ensure methods of workmanship are regulated.
Masons working in Bury's cemeteries must comply with NAMM codes of practice and provide a guarantee to act as cover against faulty workmanship. 
Alberti, Lupton & Co are one of the fifteen masons registered with Bury Council's scheme. A full list of those masons can be found here  

Cemetery Charges

The following charges were correct as of December 2019.  Fee vary depending on grave size and whether you are a Bury resident. Please click here for a full list of Bury's fees and charges. 


Description Cost
Burial plots £884-£2659
Cremated remains plots £420-£803
Baby plots (0-3 years) £280
Interment fee £777-£1433
Interment of ashes       £325-£532
Child interment (0-16 years) £263-£526
Right to erect memorial £101-£338
Additional inscriptions £76

Permitted Sizes

Memorials must be no higher than 1200mm (4ft). Their thickness should be between 75mm and 150mm (3 by 6 ins).


Separate size restrictions apply to some Muslim sections and stillborn plots. Please refer to the cemetery regulations here.

Foundations & plinths

Where not already provided, all memorials must have a concrete foundation to be constructed by the mason. All headstones must be supported by and dowelled into the base. Clamps and fastenings must be used in fixing all headstones. The maximum width of any foundation is 300mm (1ft). 

Kerb Sets

For an additional charge, kerbsets are allowed on graves provided a permit has been submitted by a registered stonemason and permission granted

Additional Notes

Bury's cemeteries are open from 8am to 6pm in the winter months and 8am to dusk in summer.

The cemetery office at St Peter's Road is open 8am to 330pm Monday to Thursday and 8am to 1pm on Fridays.

Applications Procedure

If you wish to purchase a grave plot in any of Bury's cemeteries please contact their bereavement services directly on 0161 253 6510. 


Cemetery regulations


A full copy of Bury Council's cemetery regulations can be viewed here.



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