Oldham Council Cemeteries

Oldham Council operates six cemeteries and one crematorium.


All administration is carried out in the offices at Hollinwood Cemetery, which is open 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday. Their  telephone number 0161 681 1312.


Two of the cemeteries, at Chadderton and Greenaces, opened in the mid 19th Century and are Grade II listed by Historic England.


Chadderton Cemetery Crompton Cemetery Failsworth Cemetery

Middleton Road


Fraser Street


Cemetery Road


Greenacres Cemetery Hollinwood Cemetery Lees Cemetery

Greenacres Road


Roman Road


Thomas Street


Oldham Crematorium Royton Cemetery  
Hollinwood Cemetery
Roman Road


Cemetery Road

Registration Scheme

Oldham Council operates a registration scheme. Only masons that can demonstrate their ability through BRAMM or NAMM qualifications can register. Alberti, Lupton & Co are registered with Oldham Council and this can be confirmed via their central cemeteries office. 



Cemetery Charges


Click here for a full copy of Oldham Council cemetery fees and charges. The following for new plot purchases and rights to erect a memorial were correcct as of December 2019. 

Description Cost
New grave for 1 or 2 people (resident) £860
New grave for 3 people (resident) £910

New grave for 1 or 2 people  (non resident)


New grave for 3 people (non resident)

Plots for cremated remains (resident) £360-£750
Plots for cremated remains (non resident) £530-£1125
Right to erect a memorial (resident) £175
Right to erect a memorial (non resident) £250
Permission to add an inscription to existing memorial £45

Permitted Sizes

Memorials in Oldham Council's cemeteries should be no more than 900mm (3ft) in height and/or width. They must be between 75mm (3ins) and 150mm (6ins) in thickness. 

Foundations & Plinths

Foundations are available costing £160-£170 dependingn on grave size. All memorials must be installed using a ground fixing system that meets the criteria for stability laid down by the National Association of Monumental Masons.

Kerb Sets

Oldham Council no longer allows kerbsets on new graves. 

Additional Notes

Oldham Council inspects headstones for safety every five years. Every 5 years. A notice is attached to the headstone if the Council needs to make a headstone safe and where they have contact details we will write to the grave owner.


Repairs are at the owner’s expense and must be done by a registered memorial mason. If repairs are not done the memorial may be removed

Application Procedure

Applications to purchase grave spaces can be made via your funeral director or direct to the cemeteries office at Hollinwood:-


Hollinwood Cemetery Office
Roman Road



TEL : 0161 681 1312


E Mail : env.cemeteries@oldham.gov.uk


Website : www.oldham.gov.uk


Cemetery Regulations

The following cemetery regulations are displayed on Oldham Council's website.


Regulations for new headstones

  1. Must be made of natural stone and be no more than 900 mm in height or width, and between 75 mm – 150 mm in thickness.

  2. A flower vase is recommended as an integral part of the memorial base.

  3. Authorised edging, plants and tributes are only permitted at the top of the grave and must be no longer than 450 mm length. Edgings or tributes placed outside of this area will be removed or reduced.

  4. All upright memorials are to be installed using a ground fixing system; only the systems that have passed the criteria for stability laid down by the National Association of Monumental Masons shall be installed.

  5. Only Memorial Masons registered with the Council are permitted to work in Oldham Cemeteries.

  6. The maintenance and stability of memorials is the owner’s responsibility.

  7. The right to erect a memorial will only be issued for the length of the guarantee issued by the Mason commissioned to erect a new memorial.

  8. When you approach a mason to request work you will be asked to sign an application form which they must explain and discuss with you including their guarantee.  The mason will then submit your signed application form to the cemetery office for process and a permit will be issued to both yourself and the memorial mason, authorising the work to be completed. If you do not receive a permit there may be a breakdown in communication and you should contact the cemetery office.

Your responsibilities

  • Maintenance of the headstones

  • Security - the headstone must be able to withstand a safety inspection every 5 years.

  • If the headstone fails a safety check it is your responsibility to arrange repair.

  • Update your details or phone the Cemetery Office

  • Consider insurance to protect the headstone in future generations

Choosing a mason

Only masons registered with the Council can work in Oldham’s cemeteries.


  • Memorial masons registered with Oldham Council guarantee work for up to 30 years

  • Rights to erect a memorial are affected by the length of a guarantee

  • The guarantee is against faulty workmanship

  • You will get a copy of the guarantee from your mason.

Registered masons

To register with the Council, masons must demonstrate their skill by evidence of a memorial fixer qualification either through BRAMM or NAMM.

A list of Registered Memorial Masons is available at the Central Cemeteries Office

Safety inspections

  • Every 5 years

  • By Council staff or qualified independent inspectors

  • A notice is attached to the headstone if the Council needs to make a headstone safe

  • Where we have up to date contact details we will write to the grave owner.


  • Repairs are at the owner’s expense

  • A registered memorial mason must do the work

  • If repairs are not done the memorial may be removed

  • Damage to cosmetic cement joints does not affect headstone safety

Long-term care

Where safety inspections identify necessary work and this is undertaken by families then the headstone will be erected on the grave for the period of the right to burial (99 years).


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