Rustic and Hand Carved Memorials


Beautiful rustic and hand carved memorials

Rustic memorials are a good choice if you want something beyond the conventional headstone. 


Rather than a smooth polished finish and conventional ogee shape, rustic memorials have a natural rough stone texture and can often be shaped in a jagged fashion. They are something to really consider if you are placing a memorial in a churchyard where most of the headstones are older, as they are sure to blend in.

Here are just a small selection of our beautiful rustic and hand carved memorials.

 Granite, sandstone, limestone and slate are good materials for a rustic finish. If you are looking for a particular design they work well with memorials that are in the shape of a Celtic Cross. Book and heart shapes are other examples of rustic memorials that we provide. Rustic finishes though work just as well for memorials of a conventional shape. The rustic finish is not limited to just the headstone and it is possible to have a rustic kerbset too. 

 Laser etched images are not suitable for rustic memorials, while lettering on them is best being carved. Sometimes, the carved lettering may then be painted to enhance the contrast. As you can see from the photographs we have a wide selection of rustic memorials, some of which do come in the regular ogee style.

 When added to a rustic finish, hand carved memorials add a further touch of personification to your loved one’s resting place. Examples of what can be part of or added to a memorial are angels, cherubs, flowers and trees. Smaller statues that stand at the base of your memorial or as part of kerbset ornamentation can also be hand carved. 

 Hand carved memorial features are usually made from marble, which despite being white does work well with the rustic finish of granite. 

 At Alberti, Lupton & Co we have Greater Manchester’s largest selection of memorials, including many that are rustic and hand carved, on display at our premises. Our skilled and dedicated staff will also be able to guide you on materials and what goes best together. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and you are welcome to come to our premises to browse under no obligation.