There are five Stockport Council cemeteries and one crematorium The crematorium is at Stockport cemetery, where the local authority’s bereavement services are based.

Stockport cemetery first opened in 1838 and still has space for new burials. It contains a number of historic memorials, including two two that are Grade II listed. One of these is to George Fearn, a brewer who paid for the construction of St George’s Church, Heavily, in the 1890s. The other is for members of the Carrington family, involved in manufacturing locally.

Stockport council cemeteries

Stockport Crematorium

The crematorium, containing two chapels, was opened in 1934. Although this is the only crematorium in Stockport, there are also plots available for cremated remains in Mill Lane cemetery in Cheadle.

Park Road cemetery in Cheadle dates from 1903 and plots remain available for new burials. That is not the case at Willow Grove cemetery in Reddish, where only interments in existing graves with pace remaining are allowed.

Highfield Cemetery in Bradbury only has new plots available in the natural burial area, set aside for environmentally friendly interments and where no headstones are permitted. This area contains many trees and shrubs and overlooks the Goyt Valley, allowing for peaceful reflection.

Fees at the Stockport council cemeteries start at £1,030 for local residents for a new full burial plot, plus £190 foundation fee. Baby plots are just £200, including the foundation. The plot fees double for non residents but the fees in respect of the right to erect memorials is the same regardless of residency. A full list of fees for can be found here.

Regulations regarding memorial type and size are very strict in the Stockport council cemeteries. They must be made of a hard stone such as granite, no soft stone, wood, plastic or coloured marble is allowed. With the exception of Mill Lane cemetery they are restricted to 900mm height inclusive of base, which must be no more than 864mm and 305mm long.

Mill Lane cemetery in Cheadle has a different set of rules altogether. This is the newest of the Stockport council cemeteries, having opened in 1993 and only desk type memorials are allowed. These lie virtually flat on the ground and for full plots must be no more than 900mm wide, 600mm long, and 125mm in height sloping to 75mm at the front. For cremated remains plots the maximum dimensions are 431mm wide, 381mm long and 100mm height sloping to 45mm at the front.

Stockport Council is very strict regarding ornamentation at graves. They do not allow any flags, photographs or any other items to be placed on any lawn areas. The reasons cited for this is that they interfere with grass cutting and the digging of graves. Only floral tributes in the aftermath of funerals are allowed on lawn areas (which must be removed when they deteriorate). Any photographs can only be placed on the memorial itself or foundation stone and must also not exceed fifteen centimetres in height. Last year Mill Lane cemetery made national headlines when police were called as families tried to stop council officials removing items from lawned areas around graves.

Alberti, Lupton & Co. are registered with Stockport Council and have a permit to work in their cemeteries. We are a family run monumental mason business that has been in existence for over 110 years spanning five generations. We are Greater Manchester’s oldest family run mason and any work we do in Stockport council cemeteries will be carried out to NAMM (National Association of Memorial Masons) standards. If you are considering a new memorial or renovation of an existing one in any of the Stockport Council cemeteries do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to help you.