Burnley Council operates two cemeteries and one crematorium. New burial plots are available at both cemeteries, of which Burnley is the larger. 

The council’s bereavement services is located at Burnley Cemetery, contactable on 01282 477148 & 01282 477232. Their email is bereavementservices@burnley.gov.uk

Burnley Cemetery


St John’s Cemetery, Padiham

Cemetery Lane
off Rossendale Road

BB11 5DG

St John’s Road

BB12 7BN

Burney Crematorium  

Accrington Road


BB11 5QD




Registration Scheme

Burnley Council operates a memorial masons registration scheme, so that all work is carried out to national standards. Alberti, Lupton & Co is registered with this scheme.  

Cemetery Charges

The following charges for commonly requested services were correct as of September 2021. 


Description Cost Notes
Admission of Memorial £265 No charge for 0-17 year olds
Additional Inscription (When adding a name to existing memorial) £51  
Purchase of burial plot £1120-£1377  
Cremated remains plot £444  
Permitted Sizes

Different maximum sizes apply in Burnley’s cemeteries and there are even differences between sections. Maximum height of memorials is between three and four feet, with width at three feet. Please contact bereravement services for confirmation. 



Foundations are already set in certain sections of the cemeteries, we will be happy to discuss this should you wish to place an order for a memorial in one of Burnley’s cemeteries. 

Kerb Sets

Burnley Council does allow kerb sets in its cemeteries. There is a further charge of £158, and £96 if you wish to fill it with chippings.

Additional Notes

Burnley Council regularly inspects memorials for safety. Any that are found to be unsafe will have a temporary support installed, or laid flat. This is to reduce the risk of injury to the public. The council will issue a yellow safety warning label and also contact the owners to inform them of this action.  

Application Procedure

Applications can be made direct to Burnley Council by the following methods:- 

Burnley Borough Council
Cemeteries Office
93 Rossendale Road
BB11 5DD

Tel: 01282 477148 & 01282 477232

Fax: 01282 458904

Email: bereavementservices@burnley.gov.uk

Cemetery Regulations

For a copy of Burnley Council’s cemetery regulations, please contact their bereavement servies direct.