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At Alberti Lupton & Co, out business is not limited to supplying new products. Memorial renovation, cleaning and refixing form a key part of our day to day activities.


Over the decades stormy weather, tree sap, falling leaves, grass cuttings, moss, lichen, and sadly at times deliberate vandalism, all affect the condition of memorials.  However, more often than not, we are able to restore the memorial so that you could hardly tell the difference between it and a new one.  


Powerwashing and the use of carefully selected chemicals and abrasives can have an old memorial looking gleaning again.  Regilding of gold leaf lettering, repainting carved letterings or replacing lead letterings restore the memorial to its original beauty.


We will be pleased to inspect your memorial and using our expertise and experience, provide a detailed costing of any memorial renovation work that we feel is necessary. 





Albert Lupton &Co specialise in refixing memorials to current safety standard. This was updated in 2012 with national guidelines stating that a headstone must be able to withstand a force of 70kg without toppling over. 


If your memorial is more than twenty years old, it almost certainly does not meet the current standards. Although they aren’t retrospectively applied by local authorities, any headstones that are found to wobble will be laid flat. It is the grave owners, not the local council, who is responsible for the safety of the memorial.


We are able to refix memorials to the current safety standards using NAMM accredited ground anchors and in accordance with the NAMM code of practice. NAMM is the National Association of Memorial Masons, of which we are proud to be a member. 





Albert Lupton & Co provide a memorial cleaning service, which in many cases can be done at the graveside.

It may seem a simple task to clean the memorial yourself. However, we would urge you not to try this using cheap products bought online. Headstone materials can react differently depending on what is used on them, and you could cause further irreversible damage if you do not use the right product.


Please contact us if you would like to discuss any of our renovation, cleaning or re-fixing services. We have been in existence for over one hundred years and our skilled and experienced staff will be happy to discuss your requirements, inspect the memorial if necessary and provide a free no obligation quote. 


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