Mill Lane Cemetery Memorials

Mill Lane Cemetery

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Mill Lane Size and Specification

To conform to planning permission for this cemetery, no upright memorials are permitted.

Memorials must be made of granite and to the size and shape specified below.

900mm (36”) wide

600mm (24”) long

125mm (5”) in height at the rear sloping to 75mm (3”) at the front

Installed on a similar sized concrete paving stone on the pre-installed concrete plinth

with a mortar skim to secure.

New cremated remains (Section ME)

431mm (17”) wide

381mm (15”) long

100mm (4”) in height at the rear sloping to 45mm (1¾”) at the front

Secured by a mortar skim to the headstone installation area (Pathway).

The top of the headstone should be level with the top of the tribute wall.

Further Information

Separate vases, urns, tributes etc… must be a maximum of 150mm (6”) in height and are not permitted on the grave space or grassed areas. This is to assist with maintenance of the cemetery.

No permanent tributes eg; vases, urns, silk flowers etc… should exceed the total height restriction of 275mm (11”) with the only exception being fresh cut flowers. This height restriction includes the height of the headstone and is measured from the concrete plinth.