Salford City Council operate four cemeteries at Agecroft, Peel Green, Swinton and Weaste. There are crematoria at Agecroft and Peel Green. All administration is carried out at Agecroft, to where enquiries should be directed.

Agecroft Cemetery Peel Green Cemetery
Langley Road
M27 8SS

Peel Green Cemetery and Crematorium

716 Liverpool Road
M30 7LW

0161 686 7290 0161 686 7290
Weaste Cemetery Swinton Cemetery

Eccles New Road



Cemetery Road
M27 3TE
0161 686 7290 0161 686 7290
Registration Scheme

Salford City Council only allows masons with registered with BRAMM (British Register of Accreditted Memorial Masons) to work in its cemeteries. As Alberti, Lupton & Co. are BRAMM registered, we are permitted to install or repair memorials in all of Salford’s cemeteries. 

Cemetery Charges

he following fees were correct as of September 2021. For a full list of all fees and charges applicable in Salford’s cemeteries, please click here


Regular burial plot (Salford resident) £1050
Regular burial plot (non resident) £1700
Interment Fee (Salford resident aged 18+) £990
Interment Fee (non resident age 18+)        £1500
Baby/Child interment fee  None
Right to erect headstone on burial plot £140-180
Cremated remains plot (Salford resident) £500
Cremated remains plot (non resident) £700
Right to erect headstone on cremated remains grave £140
Permitted Sizes

Generally, all new memorials in Salford’s cemeteries must be of a lawn type and not exceed 3 feet 6 inches (1050mm) in height and 3 feet (900mm) in width, including plinth. However, there are specific plots at Agecroft and Peel Green where memorials up to five feet in height are allowed.

Foundations & Plinths

Foundations and plinths in Salford’s cemeteries must be no more than 3 feet (900mm) in width.

Kerb Sets

Kerb Sets are permitted on regular burial plots, providing they do not exceed 3 feet by 2 feet.  (900mm by 600mm). They should also be no more than 4 inches in height, and countersunk by 3 inches. At Agecroft and Peel Green, specific plots allow kerb sets of 6 feet by 3 feet.

Grave owners are responsible for the maintenance of grassed areas within one foot of the kerb set. The council reserves the right to remove the  kerb set if this is not done.  

For further information regarding kerb sets in Salford’s cemeteries, please refer to the cemetery regulations contained within their application form to purchase a grave space. 

Additional Notes

Salford City Council is a member of the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM). It has achieved the Gold Standard in the ICCM Charter for the Bereaved Assessment Process for Burial and Cremation.

The Friends of Salford Cemetries meet six times a year and are committed to ensuring the cemeteries are managed and maintained to a high standard. The group work with Salford City Council to ensure they remain a safe and pleasant place for people to visit and pay respects to their loved ones

Application Procedure

Enquiries regarding purchases of grave plots can be made to Agecroft Cemetery, or online via the application form.

Agecroft Cemetery

Langley Road
M27 8SS 


TEL : 0161 686 7290


E Mail :


Website : Salford City Council Cemeteries



Cemetery Regulations

Please click here to view Salford City Council’s Information and Advice for Grave Owners leaflet online. 

This gives advice on grave deeds, memorial safety, maintenance, insurance, dogs and parking.