There are five Rochdale Council cemeteries two crematoria. The administrative office is at Rochdale Cemetery. Middleton Old Cemetery is now full and plots are no longer available.


Middleton Boarshaw) Cemetery & Crematorium Dearnley Cemetery Heywood Cemetery

Boarshaw Road


M24 2PN

Arm Road


OL15 8NO

Rochdale Road East Heywood

OL10 1RL

Rochdale Cemetery & Crematorium Middleton Old Cemetery  

Bury Road

OL11 4DG

St Leonard’s Street


M24 6DE

Registration Scheme

Alberti, Lupton & Co. are registered with Rochdale Borough Council. Only accredited masons that carry out work to national safety standards can install and maintain memorials in Rochdale’s cemeteries.


Cemetery Charges

Please contact Rochdale Borough Council direct with any queries on fees and charges. They are contactable by phone on 01706 645219 and by email

Permitted Sizes

A full list of cemetery rules and regulations including those regarding memorial size is available from Rochdale Cemetery Office, phone number 01706 645219 and by email

Additional Notes

Rochdale’s cemeteries are open 9am-430pm December to January, 9am-530pm February, 9am-630pm March and April, 9am-730pm May to August, 9am-630pm September and 9-530pm October. 

Application Procedure

Cemetery Service

Rochdale Cemetery

Bury Road


OL11 4DG

TEL : (01706) 645219

E Mail :

Website : Rochdale Cemeteries and Crematoria