Book Headstones 


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Booked shaped memorials offer something that is a little different from regular memorial designs and have always been popular with our customers.

Here are just a small selection of our beautiful Book type headstones.

There are several meanings to book shaped memorials. They can represent both secular and religious beliefs. In a non religious sense the book may be a short summary of your loved ones life, listing their birth and death dates, their family members, profession and pursuits. If the cover to the book shaped memorial is torn, it is an indication that the deceased has passed away too early. The book and inscription is a token of love and affection for the deceased.

 The most common material for book shaped memorials is black granite, although they can come in other forms of granite or marble. Both of these materials are easy to cut using modern techniques, are durable against the wintry elements and easy to clean. Book shaped memorials can contain various subtle features such as floral carvings and a tassel between the pages, adding to the design but not taking away from the main aspect of it.

 The memorial can be upright, laying down flat or leaning. It is also suitable for both regular grave plots and those for cremated remains. Additionally, there are book shaped memorial designs that can incorporate kerb sets, which give the grave a clear border. The kerb sets can then be covered with a slab or filled with chippings or stones which come in a variety of colours..

 A consideration for customers when choosing book shaped memorials is that there can be reduced scope for lettering. If the book is open there is less room available so you need to bear this in mind when choosing your epitaph and inscription. You can offset this reduced space though by having a riser base which allows you to have more lettering added there. The base of the memorial usually has vases at either side to that the flowers do not get in the way of  the inscription.

 Sometimes this type of memorial is a closed book. If that is the case, it usually has more of a religious meaning. The closure indicates the end of this life and the passing to the next one. In such cases the book may be the Bible and have religious citations, or could come in the form of a scroll. However book shaped memorials along religious lines are not restricted to just Christian graves. Headstones for Muslim graves sometimes have a book which depicts the Koran.

 Alberti, Lupton & Co. have the largest range of memorials in Manchester on display at our premises. We have a wide selection of book shaped memorials of varying sizes that you are welcome to come and browse before making your final choice. Alternatively, if transport to us is difficult for you, we can come to your home and show you a selection from a brochure. Once you have selected a memorial we can give you a quote and you are under no obligation to proceed with the order.

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