Stockport Metropolitan Council operates five cemeteries and one crematorium. New burial plots are not available at Highfield or Willow Grove cemeteries. However, Highfield does have a natural woodland burial area while Willow Grove allows burials in existing graves. Mill Lane does not allow upright memorials. The telephone number for the cemeteries department is 0161 480 5221.


Highfield Cemetery Mill Lane Cemetery

Highfield Avenue



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Park Road Cemetery Willow Grove Cemetery

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Stockport Cemetery & Crematorium  

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Registration Scheme

Alberti Lupton & Co are registered to work in Stockport cemeteries. Only registered masons can install new memorials there and carry out work or add inscriptions to new ones.

Cemetery Charges

As of September 2021 the following charges apply. Where there are two figures, the second quoted is for non residents:-

Burial Fee (age 16+) £920/£1840

Burial of under 16’s – no charge

Permit to erect memorial – £165

Placing cremated remains in columbarium – £250/£500

Placing cremated remains in grave – £250/£500

Scattering of cremated remains in grave – £180/£360

Permit for memorial tablet on cremated remains grave – £80


Permitted Sizes - All Cemeteries other than Mill Lane

Overall Height of Memorial – 900mm / 36″

Overall width of Memorial – 610mm / 24″

Base – 864mm/34″ by 305mm /12″ by 50mm/2″

Trade Names, Grave Number etc

The stone mason’s name and the grave number must be inscribed on the base of the stone. Also, when fixing or re-fixing upright headstones a ground anchor system must be fitted including an indication asterisk (*) or recognised ground anchor symbol must be inscribed on the base with the grave number, section and mason’s name.

Mill Lane - Permitted Sizes and Specifications

Mill Lane Size and Specification

To conform to planning permission for this cemetery, no upright memorials are permitted.

Memorials must be made of granite and to the size and shape specified below.

Width – 900mm (36”) 

Length – 600mm (24”) 

Height – 125mm (5”) at the rear sloping to 75mm (3”) at the front

They should be installed on a similar sized concrete paving stone on the pre-installed concrete plinth with a mortar skim to secure. 

Cremated remains (Section ME)

Width – 431mm (17”)

Length – 381mm (15”) 

Height – 100mm (4”) at the rear sloping to 45mm (1¾”) at the front

Secured by a mortar skim to the headstone installation area (Pathway). The top of the headstone should be level with the top of the tribute wall.

Jewish Graves (Section MM)

Width – 750mm (29.5″)

Length – 446mm (17.5″)

Height – 125mm (5″) at the rear, sloping to 75mm (3″) at the front.

They should be installed on a similar sized concrete paving stone on the pre-installed concrete plinth with a mortar skim to secure.

Further Information

Separate vases, urns, tributes etc… must be a maximum of 150mm (6”) in height and are not permitted on the grave space or grassed areas. This is to assist with cemetery maintenance.

No permanent tributes eg; vases, urns, silk flowers etc… should exceed the total height restriction of 275mm (11”) with the only exception being fresh cut flowers. This height restriction includes the height of the headstone and is measured from the concrete plinth.

Kerb Sets

It is now the policy of Stockport Council to maintain all cemeteries as lawn cemeteries in the interest of maintenance and appearance. This means that no surrounds such as kerbs, border stones, tiles or fencing will be permitted on a grave.

Application Procedure

For  further information regarding booking a burial or creamtion, or purchasing of graves, please click on this link to the authority’s website.

Cemetery Regulations

Stockport Council welcomes all visitors to their cemetery grounds.

Visitors are kindly asked to respect the peace, dignity and reverence of these facilities in order to promote them as places of tranquillity for quiet reflection. All cemeteries are managed as lawn cemeteries.

All the Council’s cemeteries and crematoria are managed and operated in accordance with the Local Authorities’ Cemeteries Order 1977, as amended by the Local Authorities’ (Amendment) Order 1986 and such other regulations as may be made by the Ministry of Justice. The Council’s Crematoria and the central Stockport Cemetery is currently operated by a private body on behalf of the Council.

Please click here to be redirected to the Terms of Use for Stockport’s cemeteries.