Cross Shaped Headstones


Cross headstones

There are a number of options available when it comes to gravestone crosses. The cross can be the focal point of the memorial, part of the design or etched/carved onto a conventionally shaped one.

Here are just a small selection of our beautiful cross shaped headstones.

Celtic crosses are a popular design for people who wish to remember their loved one’s Irish, Scottish or Welsh roots. An integral part of these designs are the Celtic knot, which reflects the beginning and ending of life cycles. A circle connects the four pieces of the cross, indicating the belief in eternal life.

 Celtic crosses do not have to form the whole memorial. They can work just as well being carved and added to a traditional shaped granite headstone, either aside it or on top. They needn’t be the same colour or material to the rest of the headstone, as our sample photographs show. Alternatively, they can be a lot more subtle and just carved or etched into the material.  

 You may prefer a more traditional cross, which as with the Celtic ones can be to the side of or atop a traditional design. They can also come as standalone memorials or form part of a design. Examples are accompanying a book design, or on the ‘Wingset’ memorial, where the cross is on the central panel.

 Traditional crosses can just be added as imagery to ogee headstones. Often they can fill in the gap where the memorial is curved, allowing the rest of the space to be used for lettering. If the cross is larger scale, taking up more space, it doesn’t necessarily have to be plain. Rosary beads, praying hands or doves are examples of what may be added. Sometimes people opt for an image depicting Jesus on the cross as well. Technological advances in recent decades have widened the scope for what type of cross memorial can be provided.

 Whatever type of cross you choose for a memorial, if it is a standalone one then this does impact on the space available for lettering. Historically the lettering tends to have gone on the base of the cross, which may have been taller than the average human. However cost and local authority cemetery size restrictions nowadays means that this may not be practical if you were planning more than a simple epitaph.

 At Alberti, Lupton & Co we have the largest selection of memorials in Greater Manchester on display at our premises.  If you are thinking of a memorial that is solely a cross, or incorporates one, then we can guide you on what works best. We are always understanding of your needs and will not rush you in any way at all as you decide on your memorial.

 Prior to carrying out any work we will show you a copy of the final design for approval. You can also be rest assured that only the best quality materials will be used and work will be carried out to NAMM standards. Please contact us if you require any further information, we will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a quote with no obligation.