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When it is time to commemorate your loved one in words, knowing what to write on your headstone inscription can be a difficult task. How do you sum up in just a few short words the joy that your loved one brought to your life each day? Here at Alberti Lupton we have many years experience of helping families find the right headstone inscription; one which will act as a fitting memorial, letting future generations know how much the dearly departed was loved.


To help you with this task we have created this advice guide to headstone inscriptions. If you are still stuck for words, please feel free to call us on 0161 681 1272 and any of our compassionate staff will be more than happy to help you.


Headstone inscription Example headstone inscription

Choosing an inscription for your headstones

There are a number of things to consider when choosing an inscription for a headstone .e.g. size of lettering, leaving room for future loved one's inscriptions, the style and language.


Our staff have many years of experience and state of the art equipment which allows us to craft intricate gravestone inscriptions with many different types of engraving and font.


Over the years we have crafted many gravestone inscriptions in languages such as Cyrillic, Chinese and Hebrew.


Typical inscriptions usually include the name of the dearly departed, their date of birth and death and often an epitaph or saying.


These inscriptions or epitaphs often give a background to the type of person the loved one was.


Here are some example inscriptions that could help you choose the most fitting headstone inscription for your loved one.


Headstone Inscription for a beloved family man

Treasured memories of (headline)


My dear husband (relationships)



A much loved Father and Grandad (relationships)


Called to rest 23RD NOV. 1993 (dates)

aged 79 years


Gone from our hearts (epitaphs)

but not from our home


Headstone Inscription for a devout lady

Our Lady of Lourdes Pray for the Soul of (Prayers)




A beloved wife and grandmother (relationships)


Who fell asleep12TH JUNE 2011 aged 83 years (dates)


A smile for all a heart of gold (verses)

The very best this world could hold

Never selfish always kind

This is the memory you left behind


Headstone Inscription for a child

Remembering a tiny angel (headline)




A tiny flower lent not given(verse)
To bud on earth and bloom in heaven


Beloved first child of (relationship)

John and Mary Smith


Who fell asleep 9th June 1947 (Date)


Simple headstone Inscription can be used when space on the headstone is sparse.

In Loving Memory Of (headline)


Died 1st July 2012(Date)

Aged 65 Years


You can see many more examples of verses and pages in our guide to choosing inscriptions.

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