Headstone Vases and Pots


Headstone Vases and Graveside Pots

Memorial pots and vases are a nice addition to the headstone at the grave of your loved one. They come in various shapes and can be generic or adapted specifically for your or special person.

Here are just a small selection of our beautiful headstone vases and pots.

 Usually coming with a removable grill allowing you to add fresh water, memorial pots are somewhere to hold flowers left at the grave, whether they be fresh or artificial. Alternatively you could leave the grill off and put soil and a potted plant there instead.

 Memorial pots and vases are durable, being made out of solid materials and they help keep the grave area tidy. Due to their reasonable price, it is not uncommon to see more than one at a graveside. This allows for more flowers to be left at special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, as well as ensuring the area around the grave remains tidy.

 Memorial pots can be plain or contain verses for mothers, grandparents, sons, daughters etc. Although there are plenty of standard verses on the memorial pots that we sell, we are more than happy to help with a personalised messages.

 In addition the inscriptions, memorial pots may feature religious symbols or flowers, or other signs of affection such as a heart. They can even have your own images of your loved one added if you wish, either as an etching or photoplaque.  We find that memorial pots are an extremely popular option when it comes too marking the graves of pets too, at a special place in the garden which they had so many happy times in.

 Memorial vases tend to be more basic. Most ogee headstones now have a holder for the classic style metal vase – usually aluminium or brass – with grill cover. Vases are not restricted to conventional grave plots. It is even possible to have space for vase holders in smaller size memorial plaques that are used to mark public graves. Despite the size restrictions at public graves, memorials that have a pot attached can be bought which still  leave room for an inscription.

 The majority of our memorial pots and vases are free standing and this is reflected in their shape, which is usually square or circular to prevent any falling over. Taller vases though are available and contain spikes so that they can be driven into the ground to ensure they remain upright.

 Whatever you choose when it comes to memorial pots and vases,, the end product is a straightforward and inconspicuous way to display a tribute at your loved one’s grave. They are durable due to the materials being used often being the same as that for headstones.

 At Alberti, Lupton & Co we have the largest selection of memorials in Greater Manchester on display at our premises. This includes a wide range of memorial pots and vases, all made to the highest standard. If you are thinking of adding a pot or vase to an existing memorial, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide assistance.