Our Church Woodwork Services Include:

Modifications / repairs / re-positioning of benches and pews

– including the shortening of benches and kneelers

Repairs / modifications / re-positioning of larger items such as rood screens, reredos, panelling, altars, pulpits etc.

Extensions and modifications to sanctuary steps and floor levels.

Altar Rails – Removal & repairs to floor below following removal, remodelling, repairs, refixing unsafe rails

Stations of the Cross – Repositioning, repairs etc

Please enquire if your requirements are not listed.

April 2014 – North West RC Church

Removal of front rows of pews and Re-modelling of pews to create wider aisle for use during funerals.

Raised floor removed and kneelers also re-modelled.

Please enquire if your requirements are not listed.

Removal of benches and raised wooden floor to create baptistry, the Baptismal font will soon be dismantled, moved from the sanctuary and re-assembled in the new area.