Cremation Headstones and Memorials


Headstone Vases and Graveside Pots

The gallery below shows only a sample of the cremated remains memorials available.  At Alberti Lupton & Co., Ltd we have the widest range of memorials on display at our premises.  These include a large number of cremated remains memorials that come in the form of headstones, tablets, vases and plaques.

In the last two decades cremation memorials have become a common sight in cemeteries across Greater Manchester. This is in response to the increasing number of families preferring cremation to burials meaning local authorities are making sections available exclusively for the interment of cremated remains.

Cremation is cheaper than burial and there is also no rush to secure a plot for cremated remains. If you are unsure about what to do with your loved ones ashes, you do have time to consider the options after the cremation has taken place. Many families actually scatter some the of ashes in a favourite location, but keep the rest in an urn for interment. This means there is a permanent memorial to visit and pay respects.  

Plots for cremated remains are naturally smaller than those for conventional burials. This in turn means that there are greater restrictions on memorial size. We can advise you on size regulations that do differ depending on your local authority area. However, many customers many prefer to keep their cremation memorials simple with just a tablet.

Despite the size restrictions, there are still a number of options available when it comes to cremation memorials. They can come in the traditional upright rectangular or ogee style, but heart and book shaped shapes are also available. There can also be religious carvings such as angels, although these are not so common due to cremation usually being favoured by the more secular. There is still more than enough room for simple inscriptions and images, while flower containers can form part of the memorial. Like with standard memorials, there are plenty of options for material and colour. Granite is the most suitable as it is easily cut, while Portland Stone and slate are also good options due to their durability. 

 Another option for cremated remains is place then in a niche space within a colonnade wall at a crematorium. These can then be covered with a memorial plaque to your loved one. Alternatively, some cemeteries and crematoria have remembrance gardens where ashes can be scattered and a memorial plaque placed for a period of time. 

 Small memorial plaques are also your more likely option for churchyards, where there is far less likelihood of plots for cremated remains being available. It is more usual in churchyards to see small dedicated gardens for cremation memorials, which are in the form of a plaque, vase or tablet. Each church, under the guidance of the vicar or priest, has its own rules for commemoration of those who have been cremated.

At Alberti Lupton & Co we have the widest range of memorials on display at our premises. These include a large number of cremated remains memorials that come in the form of  headstones, tablets, vases and plaques. Please contact us to arrange an appointment regarding your requirements. We have extensive knowledge of the different regulations in each of Greater Manchester’s local authorities. We will be happy to guide you over your options and provide a free no obligation quote.