Heart Headstones


Polished Twilight Granite Heart Shaped Gravestone with flowing curves and soft edges

Heart shaped memorials show love and affection at the grave of your lost family member. The heart as a symbol of love has its origins in the Resurrection, but in today’s more secular age that love can be reflected in a headstone regardless of denomination.

Here are just a small selection of our beautiful heart shaped headstones.

The heart as a headstone is a tasteful choice reflecting love and affection. They are not just an indication of love between a couple, but between parent and child, brother or sister or any people who have affection for each other. Sometimes, heart memorials have a break in them, indicating the grief of losing someone.

 The shape of heart shaped memorials means that there is less room at the bottom for inscriptions. As such, you need to take this into account  when you are considering your lettering, verse or epitaph. You can make up for the reduction in space by having a taller headstone. However this will mean higher material costs and some cemeteries have height restrictions. Being realistic, you should only look at having a heart shaped memorial if no more than three names will be inscribed on it. One option to consider though to overcome this problem is to have a memorial that contains a double heart rather than a single one.

 We recommend that granite is the best material to use for heart shaped memorials due to its durability against adverse weather conditions. It is easy to clean and polish, and cuts easily into shape. Heart shaped headstones can be standalone, or sat upon a base. They can also be leaned back at an angle with a supporting upright at the back of it. Lettering and images can easily be etched onto granite. This allows your heart shaped memorial to have verses, symbols and images that have a particular meaning for the deceased and their loved ones.

 Heart shaped memorials are suitable for kerb sets which can give your loved one’s grave plot a clear border and marker. The kerb sets can be covered with a slab or filled with chippings or stones that come in various colours. Ornamentation can also complement heart memorials. Examples include angels or hands that appear to be keeping the headstone stood up.

 Heart shaped memorials come in various sizes and can be used in regular grave plots as well as those solely for cremated remains. They can also come in the form of memorial plaques to complement an existing memorial or for use at the grave of a pet.

 Alberti, Lupton & Co. have the largest range of memorials in Manchester on display at our premises. We have a wide selection of heart shaped memorials of varying sizes that you are welcome to come and browse before making your final choice. Alternatively, if transport to us is difficult for you, we can come to your home and show you a selection from a brochure. Once you have selected a memorial we can give you a quote and you are under no obligation to proceed with the order.