Wigan Council operates the following nine cemeteries across the borough.

Plots for both regular burials and cremated remains are no longer available at Atherton, Ince-in-Makerfield or Lower Ince. However Atherton and Lower Ince do have areas where ashes can be scattered and memorial tablets placed.

There are sections solely for the purchase of baby graves at Leigh and Westwood cemeteries. 

Gidlow and Howe Bridge cemeteries both have dedicated Muslim sections.

Hindley Cemetery only sells plots in non denominational sections.

Wigan Crematorium is situated at Lower Ince Cemetery. In addition to the areas for scattering of cremated remains, space can be purchased in Sanctum 2000 and Sanctum Panorama. These are granite memorials in which caskets can be placed. Sanctum space is also available at Atherton, Gidlow, Hindley and Howe Bridge.

This link directs you to the council’s memorial services page where you can buy a grave or memorial plot and view further information.

By clicking on the cemetery required you can be directed to a plan of it. 


Lower Ince Cemetery

and Wigan Crematorium

Westwood Cemetery Gidlow Cemetery

Cemetery Road

off Warrington Road

Lower Ince



Tel : 01942 866455

Westwood Lane

Lower Ince



Wigan Road,




Atherton Cemetery Tyldesley Cemetery Howe Bridge Cemetery

Leigh Road


M46 0LX

Hough Lane


M29 8WN

Lovers’ Lane

Howe Bridge

Nr. Atherton

M46 0PZ




Hindley Cemetery

Leigh Cemetery

Ince-in-Makerfield Cemetery

Castle Hill Road




Manchester Road



Tel : 01942 671560

Warrington Road

Lower Ince




Registration Scheme

Wigan Council operates its own Registration Scheme for Masons, we are registered with the scheme permitting us to work in Wigan Council Cemeteries. All masons working in Wigan’s cemeteries must adhere to National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) practices.

Cemetery Charges


The following fees for Wigan cemeteries are correct as at September 2021.

This is just a guide to some of the most commons charges. A full list of charges for Wigan Council’s cemeteries can be viewed here.

New grave plots £845-£1267
Cremated remains grave £550

Burial (adult) £950
Interment of cremated remains £188

Above ground sanctum for cremated remains £750-£2500
Right to erect a headstone £140
Right to carry out inscription £52

Permitted Sizes

For further information on maximum permitted sizes for memorials in Wigan’s cemeteries, please contact the council bereavement services or us at Alberti Lupton & Co and we will be pleased to assist.


Raft foundations exist at newer plots in the borough cemeteries – where a raft exists there is no charge for the foundation.

In older parts of the cemeteries there will be no existing foundation and one is to be provided by the mason – to the specification listed on Wigan’s Memorial Application. Please contact the council’s bereavement services team or Alberti Lupton & Co and we will be pleased to assist.

Kerb Sets

Kerb sets are no longer allowed in any of Wigan’s cemeteries. 


Wigan Council’s cemetery regulations state that “No memorial vase, article or other thing shall be placed on any grave space without the written permission of the Registrar” and that “Additional vases, tablets or books may not be placed in front of the memorial”. For clarification, please contact Wigan Council bereavement services directly. 

Additional Notes

Wigan Council’s cemeteries are open from 9am every day. They close at 8pm from 1st April to 30th September, and at dusk (but no earlier than 4pm) between 1st October and 31st March.

Application Procedure

Only the grave owner can authorise a memorial mason to apply to Wigan Council for works to be carried out either on an existing headstone or to install a new memorial. Any memorial works must be carried out to British Standard BS8415.

Before a headstone is erected on a grave space, you will need:

The grave owner’s written authority on a permit form – see burial rights
The Council issuing a permit
Your memorial mason submitting an application form and fee to the Council.

Alberti, Lupton & Co can supply the necessary forms and help you complete them.

If the application is approved a permit will be issued to carry out the work.

If the application is rejected other options will need to be considered, if it is returned it might just be that further information is required.

Cemetery Regulations

Cemetery regulations can be found here https://www.wigan.gov.uk/Resident/Births-Marriage-Deaths/Deaths/Funerals/Rules-and-regulations.aspx