Marble Statues for Headstones


Marble statues for headstones

Marble statues added to standard gravestones further enhances the memorial. Their beauty helps create a serene ambience and as they are three dimensional, they provide something that images sometimes can not. 

Religion is usually, but not always, the theme with marble statues for gravestones. Angels, Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and saints commonly being depicted.  Elegantly crafted and made of sturdy material that doesn’t wear and tear easily, they can add a long lasting accompaniment to your loved ones grave.

Here are just a small selection of our beautiful marble statues for headstones.

Statues of angels kneeling and praying symbolise the deceased being watched over in the afterlife after troubles in this one. Alternatively, the angels may be spreading their wings, indicating the journey to heaven. Children’s graves may instead be marked statues of cherubs rather than angels. Faith in the resurrection may be  shown by the crucifixion. Statues of various saints or biblical scenes also indicate religious belief. Saints may also give some indication of character or occupation of the deceased. John the Baptist for example, is the patron saint of builders and tailors while St Bernadette could indicate the deceased has had a brave battle against illness. The Virgin Mary can demonstrate unconditional motherly love. 

Doves could have both a religious and secular meaning, representing a variety of things including peace, love and the Holy Spirit. On a purely secular level, animals such as horses or lions may represent strength. Other non religious statues that are seen around cemeteries include teddy bears at children’s graves, roses, books and vases. 

Marble is a material that is easy to cut, producing very detailed features that still remain durable against the elements. Due to the detail that marble statues contain, they can breathe life into a memorial that may not be possible with imagery. Carved marble is also a much more graceful than carved granite and being white, it symbolises immortality. When added to a darker coloured memorial, a contrast is provided between mourning and remembrance, to hope and promise for the next life.  Marble statues for gravestones really can create a memorial of distinction for your loved one and with some being just six inches high weighing just a kilogram, they needn’t be prohibitively expensive. Depending on their size, marble statues may be affixed to the base of the memorial, or on top of it. Alternatively, they may be standing separately on their own base. You must be aware that different local authorities have varying regulations when it comes to size. When it comes to churchyards, you will often find that they are not allowed at all. 

At Alberti, Lupton & Co we have Greater Manchester’s largest selection of memorials, including over seventy examples of marble statues, on display at our premises. We will also be able to guide you on ensuring the marble statue is compatible with the rest of the gravestone and on how it should be affixed, remaining in line with cemetery regulations. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and you are welcome to come to our premises to browse under no obligation.