Lawn Type Memorials


All Polished Flint Grey Granite Ogee Gravestone with Painted Rose Design and Integral Arch

Lawn type memorials are now the most common type of new headstone seen in cemeteries. They are so called as unlike with kerbset memorials they only cover the head of the grave, leaving the rest as a grassed lawn.

Here are just a small selection of our beautiful headstones.

Lawn memorials consist only of a vertical memorial which may be in the traditional shape or a variation such as a book or heart.  Graves are typically around 7 x 3 feet, but lawn memorials and their bases usually take up no more than 3 x1 feet of this. Some cemeteries now have a concrete strip foundation right along the head of graves for lawn memorials to be fixed to, but more often than not it is the mason’s responsibility to provide the foundation. Height restrictions of often apply in cemeteries too and we are able to advise you on this.

To make burial grounds easier to maintain, many local authorities are now only allowing lawn memorials when new plots are sold. Councils like them on safety grounds due to their height (usually between two and four feet) and the fact they are usually back to back with adjoining plots, meaning they are unlikely to fall.

Lawn memorials can be made out of various materials, including granite, sandstone, marble and slate. This means that they offer a huge range of options available for your loved one’s memorial when it comes to colour, size, shape lettering, inscriptions and images. Shapewise they can be classic with an imposing square top, or instead have an arc, ogee or anton. Once you have decided what material and shape you want, then you can think about inscriptions and images. This is where we can guide you with our expertise as to what colours and materials work best with each other.

Despite their size, it still is possible to add ornamentation, such as cherubs or angels. Bespoke designs and artwork, unique to your loved one’s memory can also be added – a sports club crest, or vehicle for example. They can also come with plant containers if required.

The memorial images you see here are only a guide, as we then create your order based on your requirements. Just bear in mind that there are cemetery and churchyard regulations that do need to be adhered to. This is even more so for churchyards, who place a lot of restrictions on memorial shape, size and material, many of them not allowing photoplaques either.

At Alberti, Lupton & Co Memorials we have Greater Manchester’s widest selection of memorials at our premises. Amongst them are a large number of lawn memorials which can give you some ideas. We can then discuss tailoring them to your wishes and help you come up with a personal memorial design that will come within your budget. We fit all our memorials to BRAMM (British Association of Accredited Memorial Masons) safety standards. We are also a member of NAMM – the National Association of Memorial Masons. This means that to follow their code of practice we also install a concrete foundation before the memorial and its base is installed, should there be no raft foundation. 

Please contact us to arrange an appointment regarding your requirements. We have extensive knowledge of the different regulations in each of Greater Manchester’s local authorities. We will be happy to guide you over your options and provide a free no obligation quote.