Angel Headstones 


Beautiful Angel Headstones

Angel gravestones are one of our more popular designs and come in a variety of shapes, styles, sizes and materials. The angel headstone in this image, which features a fully carved angel wrapped around a heart, is one of those which we receive many enquiries about.

Many people find comfort in this style when remembering that they will always be in their loved one’s heart.

Here are just a small selection of our beautiful angel headstones.

The angel headstone is often a popular choice for non-conventional religious families as to them the angel signifies their unique beliefs and spirituality.

Angel gravestones are often chosen by families who have lost a child, in many cases going for a cherub style as a lasting memorial remembering their innocence. Cherubs are also associated with love and can signify the everlasting love the family will always have for the dearly departed.

The position of the Angel on the gravestone often holds significance for some bereaved families. For example, angels praying are a representation of their belief in prayer. Angel gravestones that feature the wings pointing upwards and outstretched represent the soul of the loved one on its journey to heaven.

Angels with trumpets have a deeply religious significance, as they are referring to the Day of Judgement.

We have a variety of angel gravestones available at our memorials showroom in Manchester and our staff are always happy to help.

Rather than be part of the headstone, small ornamental angels can be added to your you memorial, for example to a kerbset instead. Our skilled engravers can also etch an angel onto your chosen headstone.

Here at Alberti Lupton & Co Ltd we have all the necessary skills and equipment to make you a beautiful and unique memorial to remember your loved one. We are always happy to help. Please get in touch or call in to see us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and offer a free no obligation quote.