Re-build Reredos, Altar and New Altar Furniture

Completed in the spring of 1992 the Alexian Brouthers nursing hom was one of our most challenging projects to date.

In 1987 the Brothers closed their Twyford Abbey home in London and sold the property with the intention of concentrating their work in Manchester.

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Over the christmas period of 1991 we began to rebuild the fittings into the shell of the new chapel, which had been designed to house the ornate Reredos and Altar. Each piece had been carefully catologued to assist in the rebuilding process – but never the less 1987 seemed a very long time ago! The pieces were individually cleaned and repolished before being fixed in position.

The existing fixtures were complemented with a new marble chair and Ambo.

The completed chapel was blessed and opened by Bishop Kelly in August 1992.

The project was featured in the first 1993 issue of ‘Church Building’ magazine.

Commemorative Plaque