Every working week is different for a monumental mason. They also vary across the seasons too. This blog covers a typical week from Spring 2014.

It started by being busy in the workshop engraving an additional inscription onto a blue pearl granite gravestone which we had earlier collected from Blackley cemetery in Manchester. I also re-gilded all the existing gold letters that were already engraved on the headstone – this way when the memorial is re-installed at Blackley cemetery both the new and old inscriptions will look perfect and you will not see a difference between the new and old gold letters.

The next day we made final preparations to new granite memorials which were to be installed at St Josesph’s Catholic cemetery in Moston and Boarshaw Cemetery in Middleton. We then prepared preliminary drawings for new granite memorials which will be installed at Radcliffe cemetery, Boarshaw cemetery in Middleton & St Joseph’s catholic cemetery in Moston.

Later in the week I engraved a blue pearl book style granite memorial for installation at Southern Cemetery in Manchester and another blue pearl granite ‘desk’ memorial for Mill Lane Cemetery in Stockport.

We also accepted commissions to supply new granite memorials in Radcliffe & Boarshaw Cemeteries in Rochdale, St Mary’s Catholic Cemetery in Wardley, St Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery in Moston, St Andrew’s Church of England Churchyard in Blackley.

cleaning headstones