Sanctuary Re-ordering

Our Lady of Dolores is the home of the Servite Community in Salford.

We were invited by the prior to submit our plans for the re-ordering of the sanctuary. After consultation it was decided to take down the large grey marble Reredos. The advantage of this would be twofold; firstly it would bring in to view the cloisters and secondly it would provide a ready supply of marble for use elsewhere.

An Ambo was thus created using this marble and some additional green sections. The prior requested the inscription “Do whatever He tells you” from the wedding feast at Cana, be added to the front panel.

The remaining marble was used to form two new sections of wall lining and the Tabernacle Podium.

The sanctuary steps were then extended into the church using new Botticino marble sections. A platform for the Celebrants chairs was incorporated into this floor.

A new Thassos marble font, complete with a gilded design of the Holy Spirit completed the Re-ordering.

The re-ordering and redecoration of the church was completed in time for Holy Week 1990.